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Eric Tighe
11-30-1997, 12:00 AM
On April 8th L. Willet Wrote

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Rule holdings action, pg.59 - "The province ruler and any regents with a
similiar holding in the province can support or oppose the action by adding
or subtracting the level of thier own holdings."
Why is 'province ruler' in there at all ? It seems on one hand to be
about to say that province rulers can influence rule holding action with
thier province levels, but it doesn't, it just mentions similiar holding
Is this just a "typo' or was there an intention for province rulers to
have this influence ?

I believe(I.M.H.O.) that this was intentional. They say that Regents are
blessed with a mystical connection to the Land - a right to rule that infuses
them with supernatural powers, responsibilities, and benefits. They also say
Regency is used to expand domain, increase bloodline or effect events occuring
within ones domain.(Rulebook pg 30 & pg32). I also think I remember reading
some where that a Regent can feel somewhat, things happening within his

Eric Tighe