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Neil Stewart
01-08-1997, 04:29 PM
This is my first post to the list, so forgive me if I ramble a bit. I'm
currently playing a character in each of Rjurik, Anuire and Khinasi, so
you can tell that the compaign's pretty spread out. I'll try and keep my
points separate.

1. Regarding the "toymaker" plot in Tuornen: I was the regent and I
uncovered the plot almost immediately. You'd be surprised what Baubbe can
do if he's told to help improve the artillery.

2. Does anyone out there have a PC with Bloodform? My Rjurik character
has it and is chaotic evil, so he's mutating like billy-o. (I know TSR say
that the game's about heroism, but evil's just as much fun).

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Ian Hoskins
01-10-1997, 12:49 AM
On 09-Jan-97, Neil Stewart wrote:

- ->2. Does anyone out there have a PC with Bloodform? My Rjurik character
- ->has it and is chaotic evil, so he's mutating like billy-o. (I know TSR say
- ->that the game's about heroism, but evil's just as much fun).

One of my PC's gained bloodform after a bit of bloodtheft on a scion of Azari
(totally random I tell you.). So now he seems to have lost all his hair, lost
a finger off each hand, and his skin has gone a ice shade of purple.
Can anyone out there guess what he is changing into?

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Jaanus Lillenberg
01-13-1997, 08:27 PM

Darkstar wrote:
> On 11-Jan-97, Jaanus Lillenberg wrote:
> ->Now. Anybody had any idea HOW one becomes an awnshegh??
> ->It happens when a scion of whatever bloodline kills a scion with
> ->bloodline of Azrai. That is the must, that the victim must be of
> ->blood of azrai? Perhaps yes.
> Well with the player in my campaign he comited a bit of bloodtheft on a scion
> of Azrai who's bloodline was much stronger than his, after much rolling of
> I treat the awnshegh part of his similar to a class, similar to being dual
> classed, so that any time during an adventure that he uses his blood
> abilities, or his new awnshegh abilities he gains experiance, and after
> gaining so much experience his body changes a little bit more. Currently my
> player is trying all he can to hide what he is becoming. He is wearing gloves
> to hide the fact his hands are twisted and claw like, and he only has two
> fingers. He wears a wig to hide his baldness, and a long cloak, or magic to
> hide his skin, which has become purple/white in colour.
> Of course after a while magic won't work because he recently gained a new
> blood ability of resistance to magic.
> ->What is the possibility of getting bloodform??
> I made a new table for each bloodline based on the abilities in blood enemies
> and the birthright rule book and allowed each player to roll on the table for
> their bloodline. My awnsheghlien caracter rolled bloodform randomly.

Now, I write down here what I have discovered with last days:'

In the "Legends of the Hero Kings" there is an adventure where
PCs if lucky kill an awnshegh. In this very moment some changes will
happen to the PC that kills the awnshegh.

The PC must divide his bloodline strength score with 6 (i.e.
blood str 45 / 6 = 7) rounded down. Then he rolls 6 sided die
as many times as is the number he got from dividing, that is 7d6.

Now DM secretly rolls for 6d8. I didnt get where the author of
adventure got the 6d8, but I have some suggestions. Perhaps
awnsheghs bloodline strength (was 48) will be divided with 8 rounded
down and then rolled 6dnumber.

In this way it gives also some chance to the persons with weaker blood.

Now simply, if the DMs number will be lower than players, PCs blood
has survived and nothing happens to PC, but he gains some bloodline
strength as always when commiting a bloodtheft. If the DMs score is
higher the evil blood of Azrai will come to dominate over PCs blood.
His blood will turn to Azrais, he still gains the same points of bloodline
strength he would have get otherwise. But. Now. The
PC loses all his blood abilities and rolls for new ones as given
in the table in Rulebook Blood Aquisitions (may have spelled wrong).

As a "gift" from his victim he also gains the bloodform ability.
Now , every time he uses his new abilities, he will change a little to
the awnshegh he is come to be. If the PC was of evil alignment
the "blood madness" will take his soul over fast. Thus he becomes
an anshegh in months.
If the person was good or neutral there will be strange splitting of
personality. Sometimes the "blood mad" side takes control over the
present one. The present personality will remain, but in time it will
appear rarer and rarer until fades completely.
This will take from a year to ten years.

This is what I digged out..