View Full Version : Running Normal Adventures in Cerili

David Deppner
01-06-1997, 07:47 PM
Howdy all. I've been reading the list for a few days now and I'm ready
to jump in.

I haven't started a Birthright campaign yet, but I have one of the modules
(Sword and Crown I believe it is called), the boxed set, and the Roesone
and Ilien domain books.

Starting in about a week I'll be getting my new gaming group together and
introduce them to Birthright (they're all experienced AD&D players) and
set things up. I'm figuring we'll make characters and I'll have them read
through the domain book for Roesone. My idea is to have one character be
the regent and the rest be lieutentants and other supporting characters.

Now I don't want to run any of the modules until I've got a better under-
standing of the world and the politics myself. Basically I don't want to
waste them. My idea is to run a bunch of adventures out of Dungeon and
some that I'll make and let the party gain a few levels before running
the modules made for Cerilia.

A lot of you talk a lot about the politics, but what about running adventures
in this setting? Do you have any suggestions for mixing the politics with
adventures, etc.? If I were a regent I don't think I'd be much interested
in personally getting involved in adventures with a small party of friends.
I'd probably send lieutenants to do that for me.

Any ideas?