View Full Version : Whaaaaat!

Jaanus Lillenberg
01-06-1997, 02:30 AM

What should this mean?? Would anyone from TSR explain it once more, PLEASE?
I read the whole mailing list archive and thus COULDN'T GET the point.

Rich Baker said:
"Guys, believe me when I say that we want to get as much BR stuff as
possible onto the shelves.

Every common customer says:
We may believe or not, but as long we cannot buy the information we
need to calm the thirst for it we will either die to thirst, either
choose the company that offers the "water" we want.

Rich Baker said:
Alas, the harsh reality
of marketing and profitability comes into play.

Every common customer says:
Yes it really comes. If you dont have enough manpower to write it, hire some.
Or wasnt the profit high enough last year?
Damn, then say so:"Due the bad economical digits we got with the Birthright
we slow it down for a while or maybe stop the production line."

Rich Baker said:
It's very difficult to
give each and every one of our product lines the attention that we
(the people who work on each particular line) feel it deserves.

Every common customer says:
Last year you got these people to work, this year you cannot get??
What is the mess about at all?
Do you want people buy the stuff or not?
If you are not able to fill the market needs there will be a space.
Nature will always fill the empty space fast as we know.
If DMs and players are pressed to design everything on their own
they won't ever buy the equipment they already have.