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Kent Lerch
01-04-1997, 09:54 PM
Matthew M. Colville wrote:
"What *is* Chivalry and Sorcery?"
Chivalry and Sorcery was a roleplaying game published by Fantasy Games
Unlimited, who also did Space Opera, Flashing Blades and a few other RPGs.
The game was set before a strongly medieval background with a little bit of
magic thrown in. The games system was extremely elaborate and nearly unplayable;
it took you ages to generate a character. The immensity of details covered by
the rules was at once it's weak and strong point - while it bogged down play,
many GMs I know still consult the C&S rulebooks for background information these
The game has tables for nearly everything imaginable, and they were good! The
guys who wrote this did not just make up some tables, but did a lot of research;
the information is historically accurate and creates a consistent whole. There
were two sourcebooks which dealt with warfare and economics in the middle ages
and which are extremely useful to anybody mastering a political campaign; these
also contained the Battleystem mentioned before.
Unfortunately all the books have been out of print for some time, although I
have heard that Highlander Games is supposed to bring out Chivalry and Sorcery
3rd edition these days. I haven't seen the new edition yet and can therefore not
say whether the goodies are still there, but if this is so, I recommend it to
all Birthright GMs on this list!
BTW, I've found that I fairly often receive the digest of this list with the
last entries cut off. Do others have the same problem?

Gandalf the Grey
01-04-1997, 10:25 PM
On Fri, 3 Jan 1997, Matthew M. Colville wrote:

> That blows my mind! I knew it was *possible* that what Matt had
> developed was a bastardization of something else, but I wasn't around
> then, and didn't know. What *is* Chivalry and Sorcery?
> -Matthew

C&S was FGU's old RPG (that was enough acronyms for one sentence!
:-). It was out around the '81 - '85 era if memory serves me correctly.
I have never played it, but I have been told that it was a pretty
detail-conscious and klunky system. But it was still fairly popular
among some circles. Tons of great source-style material though I hear.

BTW, I am desperately looking for Bireme & Galley or whatever that
C&S naval supplement was.

Mark Thorne
Southwest Missouri State University
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05-03-1997, 11:59 AM
In a message dated 97-05-02 02:40:15 EDT, you write:

>Brian Stoner wrote:
>> Does anyone use the AD&D Battlesystem rules to wage war instead of the
>> in the Birthright Boxed set? I am considering doing so, but I have no
>> experience with the Battlesystem rules. If so, how well does it work?
>> what little knowledge I have gained, I think Battlesystem will be more
>> realistic. I would prefer more realism, but I don't want to purchase the
>> stuff if I'm not going to use it. Any suggestions and information would
>> help. If you have ever used Battlesystem in any campaign (even
>> non-Birthright) let me know your thoughts as well.
>> Thank You
>> Brian
> Yes, In fact I have used Battlesystem rules before, the setup is
>simple, and play runs as smoothly as any miniature wargaming. The only
>problem is the capitol and time spent getting the actual miniatures
>togeather. I do HIGHLY reccomend the Battlesystem rules, however, they
>are simple compared to some systems, and very versatile.

What Battlesystem rules are you using? Is it the original boxed set, or did
TSR update it for the 2nd Edition?

05-03-1997, 08:58 PM
Obviously, 2nd Edition.

The Golden Griffon