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01-03-1997, 07:08 PM
At 09:50 AM 1/3/97 EST, Eric(EJARVIS@YaleADS.YCC.Yale.Edu)wrote:
> To the discussion about weaker domains compared to the Gorgon for example,
> yes, there are. Your PC's can beat some of them on their way towards the
> Iron Throne and the Gorgon or other powerful Awnshegleins (sorry about the
> spelling, dont have the book in front of me). I looked over the Chimera's
> domain, and it doesn't seem tough to me. She only has 100 constables spread
> out over the whole domain and no other army units. Also, the populace is
> scared of the chimera, and would like to get rid of her. I guess the only
> thing stopping her from being attacked, is the realm magic she could cast
> against invading armies.
> Thoughts anyone?

When I think of Minor Awnshegh I think of non-Regent Awnshegh. Although the
PCs can capture lands from some of the weaker Regent Awnshegh, I would like
mine to concentrate on domains controlled by Human, or Demi-Human Regents.
These are more par with what should be in the best intrest for the whole
country. Many could ask, besides death, and war, what is to be gained by
taking the Awnshegh's land? As most of them are content to at least appear
to be happy sitting on their thrones, and not meddling with other nations.
Not to mention that most of them live in lands Humans find inhospitable. A
PC Regent may want to fight the good fight, but his/her people, and Nobles,
are going to want to know what the benifit will be for them.

Each Awnsheglein Domain needs to be looked at individualy in order to see
why an unprovoked attack may not be a good idea. With the Chimera a couple
of things come to mind. While she dosen't have a large force, she dosen't
need one. The terrain of her Domain make standard warfare impossible. Large
armies would be of more danger to themselves. With few narrow paths leading
into the mountains, even large forces would be open to ambush. The Chimera's
men know those paths better then any others, and she would back up their
attacks with magic. One well placed landslide could kill hundreds of men.
Also the Chimera is not the only powerful force in the Chimaeron. The Three
Brothers may have an army of their own. How about those missing Orogs?
Speaking of the other people who live within the Chimaeron, they are far
from quality. These people are criminals, and deviants that fled here to
escape punishment, in their homelands. Even if these men will side with a PC
regent, there are those who would say such an alliance signals that the PC's
Domain is a haven for criminals. What would happen to the fabric of your
PC's country, if the lowest of scum from all over Cerilia started moving in?
Lastly, the Dwarves in Baruk-Azhik want the Chimaeron to remain neutral, and
they might not like an army of Humans moving around in the mountains. Each
one of these problems can be addressed. I think that a series of long
adventures set against the Chimera would be intresting. Unfortunatly my
Players are based in Dhoesone. The Chimera is too far away to be of concern,
and they have more then their hands full with the surrounding lands.

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