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01-03-1997, 06:34 PM
I got this email from a friend. Is this just a problem with my friends
copy, or is it a genuine mistake on TSR's part? Any help in either case
would be great.

On Jan 03, Chris Murphy wrote:

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An interesting fact about the Cities of the Sun Region Box is that it id
the only one that doesn't include a Players Domain Tracking Map. This
was probably an oversight on TSR's part but it makes it difficult for me
to allow Khinasi realms into our Domain Game.
I was thinking of sending TSR an E-Mail & asking if thay had plans to
include the missing Tracking Map in an upcoming issue of DRAGON Magazine
& that if they weren't already planning this could they please consider
either doing so or loading a copy up to their Website for Players to
Download as The Domain Tracking Maps are of Major use in running
Birthright Campaigns.
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