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Armand Suarez
01-02-1997, 06:37 AM
Jonathan Picklesimer wrote:

>Does anyone know how to use TSR logos, like the Birthright banner (the
>cool looking sword thingy at the top of all of the Birthright products),
>in not-for-profit-totally-for-entertainment web pages?
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You can get the logos at:


This is the home page of Sierra's Birthright computer game, and all the logo
graphics you want (TSR, AD&D, Birthright) are there. (You can even get a
Windows 95 Birthright theme there.) As far as the legality of using those
graphics on your web page: I have no idea.
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Jonathan Picklesimer wrote:
> My group has for over a decade used a battle system of our own
> devising. It's pretty simple.

Scott Parrish wrote:
>I'd be interested in hearing more or seeing that system.

I hereby take this opportunity to say, "me too!" I'm interested because I
think using the war cards for my upcoming play-by-e-mail campaign is going
to be tough, and using your system would be way easier. Could you
extrapolate your system to include Birthright naval battles too?