View Full Version : Kiergard and Rohrmarch

Lyndon Baugh
12-15-1996, 05:50 PM

Both Kiergard and Rohrmarch have two-page spreads in HAVENS OF THE GREAT BAY
(which I'm still reading through. I like having more trade options, but so
far it hasn't grabbed me the way LANDS OF THE SUN, or the original did. I
expect to fully get my money's worth, and would recommend it to someone I
wanted to keep on speaking terms with, but it will take a while to assimilate).


Jonathan Picklesimer
12-16-1996, 06:10 PM
I really like the Havens expansion module. It is going to make things a
little more interesting for my party a little later on! Speaking of the
Gorgon, though, he really makes life hard for any regents in Anurea. I
mean, gee, how many RP and GB can one NPC have? Really the only way on
the entire planet to defeat him is to reforge the Anurean empire. Quite
a feat if I may say, especially for a dwarf!

Thak Stonehead