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Armand Suarez
12-06-1996, 03:52 AM
Jonathan Picklesimer wrote:

>>Ever since I have began playing in the BirthRight campaign world, I have
had an idea of running more than one group of players on Cerillia so that
they could interact with each other directly and indirectly through
political actions and other events that shake the Cerrelian community.
...This list provides an interesting opportunity to allow interaction
between gaming groups.

This is an excellent idea! This idea really utilizes the strength of having
a common campaign world. Kudos to Jonathan!

Unfortunately, I'm using the Birthright rules with my own original campaign
world. It's too bad I can't participate in this exchange directly, although
I could get ideas and change the names and places. Once my campaign gets
going, I could contribute, but I don't know how useful my contributions
would be with the campaign setting being different.

Perhaps we should think of a concise format to write our "campaign event
reports" in so that we can collect them and easily assimilate the
information. Prose style would be fine if all we have are a handful of
reports, but if this idea takes off and we have lots and lots of events,
then it's going to be tough sifting through all the paragraphs trying to
find one that we want to use. A format would also help in organizing the
envents into a database.

At a minimum, the format should state the event description/title concisely,
the provinces affected, Birthright standard NPCs involved, date of the
event, and some kind of categorization of the event (political intrigue,
war, adventuring news, trade, etc.). Then the text description would

I hope I'm not stating the obvious.