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04-18-1999, 03:51 PM
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And I can see how my players would never come back to play another game
with me if I ran thing that way. I play my NPC's as smart as I think they
SHOULD be, not how smart I am. If I ran the NPC's in my game to MY full
potential, the players wouldn't have a chance as I have so much more
knowledge of the situations as I'm the one who created them.
Some have been saying that playing a low stat player that uses his wits is
more true roleplaying than playing a high stat character. I agree that it
more challenging, but I disagree that it is a more "pure" form of
roleplaying. In fact, if I had a player that was running a character that had
a 9 INT and a 7 Wis that constantly outsmarted the npc's I would say he is
NOT roleplaying as the character in question, if played be his stats, should
NOT BE CAPABLE of outsmarting an intelligent NPC. I once played a half ogre
fighter with an Int of 6 that the party HATED. He was great in a fight but
was constantly doing stupid things and getting duped by NPCs cause I played
him as having a 6 int. It would seem odd to me for him to try and out think
Anyway, I guess my point is that the style of play, be it deadly, low stat
and "common man overcomes the odds", or not so deadly, high stat and " I was
born to be a hero 'cause I have an 18 Str" is purely a personal choice. No
one is right or wrong on this. Each game should be run in the style that the
players and GM enjoy, no matter what that style is.
OK, I'll get off the soapbox now ;)