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04-07-1999, 05:51 PM
Mark A Vandermeulen wrote:

> And yet somehow, we remain hopeful.

Birthright is sort of like Star Trek (the old one). We only have a few
episodes (accessories), but it shall be syndicated and 30 years from now, it
shall still be the best setting! The question is, which Br product is the
equivalent of the infamous and much loved 'tribble episode'??


Also, Mark sent me his most excellent Roesone maps about a month ago now.
Sorry for the delay on this folks. I am hoping to have the files posted on the
Adytum late this week, and have a major update of the site planned as well.
I'll let you all know when it's done.

Can someone tell me how to alter the scale of the mapper for Core Rules? I
have tried a hundred times, but it can't be done from what I can see. All my
mts and houses are visible only on magnification.


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