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08-07-2004, 02:43 AM
My inspiration for this is a combination of the "Master of Magic"(Computer game from microprose) Klacklon armies, the Klacklon race in “Masters of Orion (I, II and III)”, the Formian monsters in the 3EMM, and the strange fascination I have with Hive Mind societies.

RP Sequence (optional) - Begin
The doorknocker slammed against the door to the Duke's chamber urgently. He bade the man enter and the servant, out of breath, exclaimed, "Your highness, your advisor requests your presence...*pant* *pant*... a diplomat has arrived... He said it is urgent..." Sighing the duke stood nodding in acknowledgement as picked up his ceremonial sword…
“A monster you say? Why has it not been put down?” the duke said, growing impatient.
“It bears the flag of diplomacy and travels with human companions! It is claiming to represent the Klacklon Legion and wishes to speak to you. Milord, Have you ever heard of such a Realm? I do not recognize the name.” The old advisor finished, looking concerned.
“No, but I am curious… send him in” the duke finished. A man entered, obviously noble by his dress and manner, followed by two escorts and a creature vaguely resembling a giant ant. They took positions before the throne with the noble to the front and the creature directly behind him flanked by the vigilant escorts. Guards were set about the room far outnumbering them, as customary for first contact and a show of power. The noble exchanged the customary pleasantries before beginning.
The noble then said, “Her highness queen Hierechical of the Klacklon Legion has sent us to your most illustrious estates to discuss the terms of your surrender…”
RP Sequence – End

From across the seas a new threat turns its eyes to Cerilia. The Klacklon Legion is on the move and hungers for conquest. This idea uses a very modified version of the Formian Outsiders in the 3EMM and the BRCS ruleset. Feel free to use all, some, or none of the ideas posted here for your own campaign or just to think about. First off they won’t be outsiders but rather a native species (this is a matter of opinion). I will be posting alternate statistics to the Formian ones and components for the domain level workings of the Klacklon Legion. The Klacklon, unlike the Formians, have a mindset much closer to that of a human (but still very alien, Formians are freaks). They are religious and worship the Matriarch (first queen and god of the Klacklon). They are capable of adapting new species to their hive. Klacklon (queens) learn quickly and are masterful builders so will likely adopt foreign designs if they prove easier or more useful.
The Klacklon possess bloodlines based on the caste they are born into… Queens have powerful bloodlines, Myrmarchs weaker ones, while lower caste creatures less and less. The derivation is unique to the Klacklon and is believed to exist because the Klacklon ‘god’ was the first queen.
They usually maintain a slave race population of giant ants. These ‘domesticated’ ants serve as basic troops or laborers and are considered ‘lesser Klacklon’ from the Queen’s perspective (the lesser Klacklon queens are dominated by taskmasters under most circumstances). The Klacklon communicate with them by scent or hive mind (they do not posses the hive mind special ability so communication is one-way). Giant ants raised by Klacklon will serve Klacklon as if they were their queen.

If people seem interested I will continue working on this (I want to know if it’s worth it). Please feel free to post suggestions, comments, complaints, or otherwise show some semblance of interest if you want it to keep developing.

08-07-2004, 06:32 AM
Ever read about the thri-kreen in Darksun? Reminds me somewhat of that.

08-07-2004, 07:37 AM
the only thing i know about dark sun is it is a campain setting with psionics where magic is hated. I intend to include domain level rules and info for these and other changes that make it more appropriate for a BR setting.

Dark Serenity
08-09-2004, 08:24 AM
I have to say I'm interested to read some more about the story develpments and plots you have with the Klacklon Legion and also what thoughts you have about the Hive mind and such.

You've stimulated my mind for an apocalyptic vibe on the Birthright world. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;)

Dark Serenity

08-20-2004, 05:48 AM
I'm still here just having time constraints... I'm working on ironing out the bug and stuff

08-20-2004, 06:45 PM
Ksaturn, email me if you want me to send you more information on the thri-kreen over: I do believe some of it might very well interest you...

09-01-2004, 04:32 AM
Why does everyone ignore my e-mail? RaspK i would love to see that info.

09-01-2004, 09:53 AM
In principle I think formian monster do not fit in any BR campaign. This has some kind of B-movie flair (Taruntala und Attack of the killer ants).

However your story sounds interesting, so why not?