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11-30-1997, 12:00 AM
>My fingers remain crossed that "indefinate" doesn't mean permenant. *sigh*

Indefinate will never mean permanent as long as there are faithful
BRers out there who are willing to develope their piece of turf, be it
Aduria or the Gorgon's Crown, the Imperial City or even some unknown
republic north of the Harrowmarsh( hey, if I'm going to plug everyone else I
might as well plug myself too). Sure it will never be "official", but almost
every BR campaign out there contains its little "unofficialities", from NPCs
that don't exist in the rule booksand technological advances, to elven
shamans and priests. As long as we continue to respect each other and
cooperate then Birthright will continue to grow beyond the scope for which
it was originally projected. And if.... if TSR/WOTC does _attempt_ to define
indefinate as permanent, they will most certainly come to regret it in the
years to come. Worry not. The sun hasn't set,
I see it rising up from the horizon.

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