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Paul Jeffery Eves
10-09-1997, 10:02 PM
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> >To Ed Stark:
> >
> > Calis here, I bought the Cities of the Sun box set and unlike the
> >other sets put out so far, there was no map which had just the provincial
> >borders on a hard card. Was this just a bum box set that I bought or is
> >there supposed to be one?
> >
> >
> No bum set; that was a mistake we made and we've been trying to rectify it
> for more than a year now. At one point, we were going to print the blank
> domain tracking map in DRAGON, then we were going to put in online--then we
> got bought and relocated. Currently, Sean Reynolds (tsrinc@aol.com or
> skreyn@wizards.com) is working on putting the map together for us so we can
> put in on our website for you. I hope it gets done soon; I'm sorry it's
> taking so long.
Thanks for the reply. I think that the compilation of domain
books is good, but I already have many of them and would not want to by
duplicates, so if you do, I would also hope you would keep putting out the
old ones as well. Just played the BR computer game as well. Not too
shabby at all. Would like to see expansions it if possible, maybe the
option of creating your own regent..

This all came from the man who plays chess with
pieces made from diamonds and rubies,
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07-19-2004, 11:54 PM
My first post after a whole year reading your interesting postsÖ
I donít speak English very well because (Iím from a far country), so I will resume what I wish to say to the Birthright Developers Team in few words (before talking non-sense):
Thank you for your excellent work! :)