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bloebick@juno.com (Benja
04-09-1998, 01:13 AM
On Thu, 9 Apr 1998 08:35:35 +0800 "Brett Lang"
>Half elves have been fairly well explained (although I'm still unsure
>what their lifespan is supposed to be). However, what about half
>dwarves ?
>They are detailed in the Dwarves Deep supplement, and like always it
>talks of the demi-human / human cross-breed. What happens when an elf
>mates with a halfling, or a dwarf with an elf. I have read where the
>dwarf/elf thing has appeared before in a Myth Drannor supplement, but
>nothing is explained about how the racial abilities of the 2 species
>interact in the crossbreed. For instance, say a dwarf diplimat of
>Barak-Azik had a child with a sidhelien elf of the Sielwode.
>What type of child would result ?
>Could the half dwarf / half elf (what would ya call it?) become a mage
>priest of Moradin for instance ?
>So many problems :)
>Suggestions, ideas ?
>Sweet water & light laughter until next !

*groan* *get out box of advil for massive headache*

well, this would be a royal, royal mess if it was to occur. I'm going to
make sure that it NEVER happens in any of my campaigns.

I can imagine dwarves-halflings intermixing. I can even imagine a rare
human-dwarf intermix, but a dwarf-elf? no way.

First of all, the elves are way to haughty and aloof for anyone,
especially dour dwarves, to want to mix with them. The two races are
sooo different by nature, their very base reason for existence, for them
to be socially compatible, let alone wonder how the genetics would work

Secondly, if this were to happen by some very magical means, who would
accept the creatures? Dwarves would likely see them as too unstable and
carefree to be a part of dwarven society, and elves would certainly not
take them in. Yes, human/elf mixes are taken in by elves, but they look
like elves, and can pass as elves. A dwarf/elf mix would be UGLY, UGLY,
UGLY and the elves wouldn't take that in.

Thirdly, why mess up your poor campaign with this? Birthright has a nice
flavor, with both elves and dwarves being isolationist, if not fatalist.
Having the two species mixing it up like this gets scary.

Well, those are my ideas and feelings. Take them as you may, and throw
out the rest.


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