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04-08-1998, 02:47 PM
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> > I like to think of Dragons being the physical manifestation of the power
> of
> > the land. Thus they do not need bloodlines, but would receive all source
> > power! Scarey, huh? I think it appropriate for the Cerilian Dragons,
> > however. In my own mind, I have entwined the eventual fate of Dragons
> with
> > the fate of the land itself. Perhaps when or if the last Dragon dies,
> the
> > world would see the last of the elves fade as well.
> Yesss! That is great! This is what I love about the List - I never
> probably would have thought of that myself, but it sure makes a great story
> hook!
> Thanks!
> Tim Nutting
Ah! Someone did actually read my post after all. I sometimes wonder ;) BTW,
even though I haven't been responding much to the stories about Aduria and
Azrai's histories, etc. I have been enjoying them greatly. To all those who
have been contributing to these threads, Thanx!

- -DKE