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04-08-1998, 01:32 AM
Hi everyone,

If you are new to this list, and know nothing about the Birthright Online
City Project, then you should visit the homepage and read the introduction
document which is posted there. This project is a fantastic opportunity for
you to help in the creation of a huge, sprawling metropolis - the Imperial
City of Anuire. On with the updates then.

Well, although there has been little news, things have still been busy
lately. A mailing list has been organised for the Online City Project (see
below for details), and the various groups are now getting up and running.

If you check the homepage, you will find that there is some information
about two projects for the miscellaneous group:
* the ferry (between the IC and the Diemed shoreline)
* the tomb of Michael Roele
There will be more projects coming on line soon, so the projects is really
up and running now. Please be patient, as these are the first projects, and
so things will undoubtedly have to be tweaked as we go along.

If you want to comment on either of these projects (and your feedback is
very valuable, and most definitely encouraged), or some of the others which
are coming soon, then join the OCP mailing list. This is the best place for
in depth discussion of ideas. Even if you don't actually want to join the
project, your views and comments on the various projects will be very
valuable, so it is worthwile subscribing to the OCP mailing list. I intend
to post updates on the project to the main Birthright List on a regular
basis, and the homepage will be kept as up-to-date as possible. However, by
not joining the OCP list you will miss out on all the wonderful ideas
people have (as well as seeing your own ideas come to life).

If you want to join any of the groups, then all you have to do is send off
an email to the steering committee member for your group (see the homepage
for email addresses and group info).

I am also going to arrange to have all of the names of project members put
up on the homepage, and this will be updated to reflect the current status.
This should happen soon(ish).

OCP Mailing List subscription information:

Send an email to brocp-request@mgn.com (NOT to the list itself) with
'subscribe' in the body.

I hope to hear all of your comments and feedback on the OCP list!!!


Simon Graindorge
Coordinator, Birthright Online City Project

E-mail: slg@nw.com.au
ICQ: 9222846
Online City Project Homepage: