View Full Version : Darkstar PBeM expansion

James Ruhland
04-07-1998, 05:56 PM
Darkstar has decided to expand the number of players in his PBeM game, and
I have (bravely? foolishly?) offered to Co-DM a region. This area will
consist of the Rjurik "Wild Lands", the Brecht "Western Reaches" and the
Brecht "Overlook". At this time there are only two players in this
territory, so it is "virgin land" so to speak.
However, you will be allowed to interact, of course, with the rest of the
PBeM players, set up TRs to their realms, attempt to conquer them, and
whatever other scheme your devious minds can think of.
Point of all this is I am accepting applications for players (15 total in
this area for now). If you're interested, e-mail me at:
jruhlconob@sprynet.com (do *not* reply directly to the list!) If you are
already in Darkstar's PBeM, I will accept aplications, but new players will
have preference over existing ones.
The following realms are unavailable:

in the Rjurik Wild Lands:
Llulabraight (Darkstar will play Llulabraight himself)
Emerald Spiral
In the Western Reaches:
Danigau (already a Player run realm)
Kiergard (puppet of The Big 'G')
In the Overlook:
Bold Merchantile (already a Player run realm)
The Dragon
The Zwielund Islands

For the last three (The Dragon, The Zweilund Islands, and Grabentod), if
you *really* want to play them, send me a description of why & I will give
it due consideration (Grabentod is on the list because of it's chaotic
political situation; however, you can run any of the realms in Grabentod,
save for Bold Merchantile, if you wish. The Dragon is on the list because
of his? her? it's? power; however, if you have an idea about The Dragon
that really strikes me as cool/interesting/fun, then I'll let you run with
it. Zwielund Islands are on the list because I'm as arbitrary as Shafepate;
however, I will entertain pleas to run the Zwielunds. Can't run the Wolf.
Note however that if you wanna be an Awensheig, you *can* run the Hag, if
you're that wierd.)
You can look at the realms, updated to reflect the changes through Turn
24, at the following URLs:


A word about characters: you can run the existing regent, or propose a
Regent of your own (subject to approval/modification). I will endevour to
get everything up and running so that you can participate in Turn 25; but,
as always, that will depend on how speedily you get your information to me,
as well as how fast I respond.
A note to the existing players, both thouse operating in the above regions
& thouse elsewhere who may have plans/schemes involving them: you will not
be adversely affected by this change (you *will* get turn 25 no matter
what). Of course, new players may interfier with your plans (as always),
but they may also prove to be an oportunity.