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Kyle Foster
04-07-1998, 10:29 AM
Does anybody remember the bit in the movie EXCALIBUR about the king is
the Land? That's what we have in BIRTHRIGHT, a capable of creating such
epic concepts. THe reason no one ever ruled England like Arthur did (I
am basing this on the mythic Arthur not anything factual) and the reason
Camelot could not survive whitout him was because no one else had his
conection to the land. No one else could feel the people was he did or
responde to thier needs and no one else could enspire them to greatness
as he did.
In Birthright, I have no problem with unblooded guilders or even
priest, but to truely lead a land you need that extra something. I
realise that in our world that doesn't work unless you think in terms
like the Ceaser Cleopatra logic ( a good thought, by the way), but it
works in this one. Again I think a non blooded regent could act as
caretaker for a realm, maybe even hold what it has but he could never
take that step to becoming a cultural legend.

At least IMO.


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