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Richard the Mighty
04-07-1998, 01:36 AM
Okay all, a funky idea.

I really like bloodpowers, and so I decided my PC's didn't have enough
of them. I then started toying with the idea of a grounded bloodline
that was more of a divinity-stew, meaning that there were lots of
derivations all mixed up, so you basically just got points added to your
scores. Okay, here was the deal. Tell me how screwed up this idea is...

My PC's control Roesone. They found a passage that travelled underneath
the castle, and led into a huge cavern. In the center of this castle was
a pillar with a door at the bottom. The pillar was about 50 ft. thick
and 1000 ft high (bottom to top of cavern). A bright intense light was
coming out of the door, and no one could enter it.

What I basically went with, was that this was a pillar that held a huge
chunk of divinity from the destroyed gods. IE: not all the blood of the
old gods went right into people. Some of it is locked in these pillars
hidden throughout the general area of Deismaar (although they don't
really have to be). These also contain some of the weapons and such of
the gods and their champions. NONE of these were accessible to the PC's.
These are for the last battle, y'know when Azrai and the Cold Rider (or
just him, if they are the same) get out.

What happened, was they found a scroll of de-ground bloodline in the
last remnants of a library of a world traveller from Khinasi. So, they
cast it underground, and it increased their bloodscores by 12 points, as
well as gave them all one minor power automatically. Then it raised the
magic levels in all of Roesone's provinces. Also, the pillar burst into
golden light and it was able to be seen reaching the sky from those
above ground. From the shadow world, it was possible to see the entire
pillar of stone going from earth to sky.

I know some will definitely think me foolish for super-powering my
campaign, but I love the idea of birthrights and blood powers. And so I
have done it. Tell me what you think of my idea... flame or praise,
makes no difference to me. Thanks!!

- --Alenecht

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