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Greetings all,

I was recently pondering the concept of the flight from shadow and the
aftermath's of the migration of Cerilia. Those who received bloodlines
were those present at Diesmer(sp) and now their offspring. I also
understand that in the centuries when bloodtheft many blooded people's
perished. I was wondering due to the locale of the explosion, and the fact
that many migrated north into the Anuire, Rjurik, Khinasi, Brechet, and Vos
lands if perhaps these realms share a larger portion of blooded individuals
than any other region.

The areas of the worlds that have not yet been detailed have been scarcely
explored and peoples of those regions, to our current knowledge of things
did not partake in the battle of Diesemer(sp.). Thinking on the matter of
blooded percentages and availability of those of divine blood I would
suggest the following for developing new realms or domains in the uncharted
areas, minus perhaps Anduria, who mostly was present at the great explos

1). The domains may begin to have more non-blooded war-lords, or kings that
rule through direct personal power, wealth, and guile.

2). The blooded regents on these new lands may control vast domains of
little individual strength. What I mean to say is that with so little
blooded people, there may be a tendency for a region to fall more easily in
line with having a large number of provinces and/or holdings comprised of a
single individual.

3). The concept of the Overking may very well be alive in many of these
regions. The ruling Monarch perhaps is viewed as a direct representative
of their deity or a deity themselves, similar to ancient Egyptian (sp.)
cultures. An aspect that I find very thrilling is that with little contact
with the known Cerilan gods, perhaps there may be more influence of minor
godlings, humanoid gods, or even new aspects of the old. The concept of a
civilization based on the Imperial Rome, with the blood Emperor hailed as a
god incarnate, though he only be a classed individual with long life, and
an assortment of other abilities.

4). I would expect to see more influence of the humanoid races in these
areas. The warmer climates and the relative intelligence of certain
humanoids may lead to new races or old ones forming their own barbaric
cultures. Imagine a small kingdom of Giants, a group of islands dominated
and controlled by seabased sahuagin, lizardmen formed in military units or
perhaps an involved society ruled by vassal Lizard Kings.

5). The technology of these new realms may have evolved in three
directions. A) below the average Anuire realm. Perhaps they are in a
bronze or stone age. B). Along the lines of a typical Iron Age
environment, C). Advanced Civilization or region. Perhaps these cultures
experience a new level of knowledge. Are these cultures decadent or
thriving? Could they be both, the new culture trying to overtake the old
and dying one?

Here were just a few ideas that I had thought of. I do believe that the
number of blooded individuals should be considerably less than in the
Cerilia regions. Even though migration has occurred over the past 1500
years, the majority of peoples were in the northern regions and no marked
mass migration has been recorded occurring since after Diesmer.

Well there's a few cents worth...ideas?


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I think this system is much closer to the originally intended "power gap"
between Blooded Regents and unblooded rulers. It demonstrates why there can
be some old, even powerful empires in (say) Aduiria, but also gives due
advantage to a Blooded Scion who may show up.
How would such unblooded rulers remain in charge, and keep being pushed to
the wall the way Montezuma & the Inca were? Well:
1) the Blood of a Scion is as red as any commoners ("kill them all. Their
gods will know their own.")
2) it wouldn't. Anyone want to be Cortez?
> There was a lot of discussion about this a couple of weeks back and as I
> was working on the latest of my Adurian Empires today I was thinking
> about the whole thing of Unblooded Rulers vs Blooded Rulers, and I came
> up with the following which I think could work ok.
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