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04-04-1998, 03:29 PM
Randall W. Porter@6550 wrote:
> I've had genies in Khinasi lands for some time. They're of legendary status and
> are closely modeled on those from Al-Qadim; which is almost the same as the
> entries found in the Monster Manual.
> I treat various parts of Khinasi as Moorish Spain, Turkey or Italy. The lands
> are Med. in flavor, but certainly aren't the burning sands of Arabia or the
> Sahara. Genies and their legends are thus known, but they aren't as prevalent as
> in Djapar. IMO Djapar would make an excellent place for a stricter Arabic
> culture- complete with Mamluks, slavery and Hashisan.

This is pretty much what I was thinking as well. Djapar has a lot of
potenial. There is someone working on an expansion for it too (will
possible appear on my page). Can't remember his e-mail address right at
this moment though.

> The thing to remember is that the Djaparians still worship Basaia and
> (presumably) very few blooded individuals exist. This brings up the unblooded
> regents issue again. Since Basaia no longer answers their call, it also needs
> to be decided if Avani grants preist spells to the worshipers of her "mother".

I would say yes. This question has been asked before and I think the
general consensus was that the newer gods granted spells to worshipper
of the older god, mainly becacause their influence would cover the same
things in Djapar and Aduria, as it does in Cerilia.
Any blooded regents there would be travellers from Cerilia, and I doubt
there would be all that many.
As for unblooded regents I did create some rules for use in Aduria
(these can be found on my webpage). Basically what they mean is that
unblooded regents do recieves some RPs (no more than a third), and of
course all the GB. This enables a unblooded regent to rule and create
holdings etc, but if a blooded ruler appeared then they would be a lot
more powerful than any unblooded regent.
I have also for the more powerful nations in Aduria put in some
artifacts (created by the old gods) that give a bloodline to two of the
more powerful rulers. This makes them a bit more powerful.

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