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04-01-1998, 07:12 AM
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>Where do Cerillian elves go when they get to their 600th year (the year they
>usually "die")?

On *my* Cerilia when an Elf reaches an age somewhere between 600 and 750,
they begin to be "called" back to nature. If they follow this calling the
Elf will join spirits with an ancient tree and become a Treant
(shhhh...don't tell anyone). An Elf can choose to ignore this calling, but
as the years continue to pile on they will slip slowly away from their
natural Chaotic perspective to an ever more Lawful view. Often they will
spend most of their time away from other Elves (all Sentients in fact) and
contemplate the "order" of the universe. Once reaching an age around 1500
to 2000 years old the Elf again undergoes a form of change: the Treant
becomes forever still as the Elven spirit fully returns to nature, and
leaves the physical world behind. The Elder Elf who denied the "calling"
often returns to living fully among his people, most often the Elf swings
back to a Chaotic view point. And very often they are more "Chaotic" then
their younger relatives. Also note at this point it becomes impossible for
the Elf to undergo the transformation into a Treant, but few Elves ever
consider that path once they have reached this age. For them the return to
nature will only come when an unnatural event takes their immortal lives.
As I said at the beginning, this is just the case in my campaign; take it
as you will.

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