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Brett Lang
04-01-1998, 03:03 AM
If you are looking to create a unique kind of hero try this: Give the PC
the blood ability of Bloodtrait from Blood Enenies and then simply tinker
with the character. Here is an example of a PC in my campaign. I was also
wondering if anyone else has employed this blood line power in a similar
fashion in their own campaigns ?

Joshua Tehn
aka. Talon

8th level half elf male Ranger/Wizard
AL: CG. HP = 62
Bloodline Derivation: Vorynn
Bloodline Strength: Major, 37
Bloodline Powers: Animal affinity (great), Bloodtrait (major), Blood
History (minor), Long Life (major), Major Resistance - Magic (minor).

S 18/83, D 19, C 15, I 16, W 13, Ch 5 to superstitous individuals
12 to those who
befriend him
19 to owls

Appearance. A tall humanoid 6' 3", strong muscular build, short black
hair, roundish silver eyes with no pupils, fingers and toes talon-like as
an owls, face long and slightly gaunt, hair is almost feathery running into
side burns and down his arms and back. When he spreads his arms, feathery
folds of skin unfold to form wings.

Claw/Rake: 1d4/1d4 + Str
MV": 15, Fl 18 (B)
AC: 7 (base)

Spell-like powers:
His eyesight gives him the equivilant of "wizardsight" as per the 3rd-level
wizard spell from the Tome of Magic.

Hope this might help.

Sweet water and light laughter until next.