View Full Version : eles Question (old age "death")

04-01-1998, 12:40 AM
if anyone wants a good look at an elven way of thinking (being
immortal)... I am currently reading Dennis L. McKiernan's - The Eye of
the Hunter. A very good book (although not TSR's) and in his reality,
elves also live forever... and he has some great insight on an elven way
to look at time :-)

hope this helps,
On Tue, 31 Mar 1998 17:54:09 -0600 "James Ruhland"
>> Where do Cerillian elves go when they get to their 600th year (the
>> usually "die")?
>Cerilian elves are not weak-willed enough to participate in such
>like behavior. They are imortal, and they enjoy their free will: they
>traips of to some misbegotten island when they reach 600 if they want,
>they can just keep living their lives as they had before then. Most
>wish they would do the former, but most elves actually chose to do the
>latter (go figure.)
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