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03-31-1998, 11:41 PM
Based on the survays recieved I put all the information together. Sorry for
any problems and about the repaeted question.

4 Players
4 DMs
6 Player/DMs

Average AD&D gaming time:
Average Birthright time:
Longest AD&D time: 19
Shortest AD&D time: 2
Longest Birthright: 3
Shortest Birthright: less than 1 year

Most campaigns total: 5
Most campaigns DMed: 4
Most campaigns played: 3
Average campaigns participated in:

Youngest age: 15
Oldest age: 49
Average age:

Largest playing group: 9
Smallest group: 3
Average size:

Highest level (out of everyone): 36+
Average level:

Most frequest favorite class: Mage
Fighters: 0
Paladins: 2
Rangers: 1

Wizards: 4 (transmuter was favorite specialist)

Priest: 1
Druid: 2

Theif: 3
Bard: 3

Here's the compiled pre-made adventure advice:

Mostly they are pretty good. Sword of Roele relies too much on
non-Birthright creatures, making it look Forgotten Realms-ish. This is
too bad, because BR is so well developed and rounded out. Shouldn't have
had a FR author write the adventure.

I like the concept behind Sword and Crown and the structure of
Warlock of the Stone Crows. The Sword of Roele is good for a dungeon
crawl. I let my players reforge the Sword of Roele and Keep it as it
makes for interesting plots in the future. In Warlock of the Stone Crows
the players stumbled across a vast hoard of treasure which they
proceeded to loot carrying off the Heart of the mountain (Dragon #230)
which resulted in Zakhur lifesbane descending upon the thiefs country
(Medoere) and raising it's castle. The PC (High Priest of Rournil)
engaged the dragon with an army but was taken over by the Spirit of
Weyrzak and turned upon his own army.. The dragon is now lairing in the
northern most province of Medoere amongst the ruins of the Castle.

I like them, at least for the info on the NPCs in them, and the extra info
on the setting & stuff. They do tend to suffer a bit from the same curse of
all published adventures, in that they have quite a few nifty magic items,
and, being greedy, I'm easily corrupted. . .

They're a bit mixed, Sword & Crown is quite good, especially for the bits
in Rhoube's tower, and so is King of the Giantdowns. But Sword of Roele is
a bit FR Undermountain with the Munchkin filled dungeon at the end.

When you run the Sword and The Crown, throw in some extra intrigue..

liked the Sword and Crown, although I did haev to make a few
modifications for my own group, as I expct you will haev to do for
yours..Warlock of the Stonecrowns I found a little less useful, although I
did like the timeline ocf events, and used this as the basis for a long
standing campaign..I did eventuialy use most of the other information in
the module, although not directly the way it was intended..

Thats it.

Oh and by the way, I don't mean to sound stupid, but what the hell are PBems?

James Ruhland
04-01-1998, 12:04 AM
Everything old
> Thats it.
> Oh and by the way, I don't mean to sound stupid, but what the hell are
A PBeM game is a Play By e-Mail game. Turns, diplomacy, et al done by
e-Mail, much like the old PBM games, but with a lot more communication back
and forth possible because of the quickness of e-mail. Most conduct turns
on a weekly or semi-weekly (2 mo.) basis, allowing sufficient time to
communicate back and forth with players & let the DM have a life of his
I've grown to love PBeM gaming because, living in hooterville now as I do,
RL gaming is few and far between.
Birthright, with it's turn and action round format, works very well as a
PBeM game. There are several Birthright PBeM games. If you want to look at
one in a fairly advanced state, check out Darkstar's at:


His game is currently full, though, so if you want to see a PBeM game that
has openings (assuming you want to join one), check out:


Which is perhaps the most ambitious Birthright PBeM game, still sort of
getting started, with several DMs et al. Some of whom still may have
openings for players. I donno who else would have openings for more
players, though.

Most inovative *might* be ('cause this is arguable) Aleksei Andrievski's
Mystara Birthright, set in the old Mystara/"Known World" gameworld, using
his interpretation of the nations. That can be seen at:


And if you're familiar with that gameworld, you might be able to convince
him to let you play one of the nations.