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Fredrik Lundberg
03-31-1998, 10:57 PM
Hello again everyone,

Thanks for all the comments about my little idea. I just want to give you some of the reasons why I made the order as I did.

To begin with I called them semi-secret. The reason for this is that the order is known to exist but it is not known who is a member since they a) want to be kept out of the political intrigues, b) they want to create an aura of mystique around themselves, and finally c) . The only one that might know of some member might be the Chamberlain. Instead of taking direct order from "imperial" officials the order will closely monitor the decrees and other statements that those officials make and try to implements those as they see fit.

On the matter of their priestly spellcasting that was just to keep the order closer to the original Pious Knights from Legends & Lore 2ed. To take away their access to spells is no big deal and could reflect the magic campaign of the individual DM. If the DM wants more magic, give them access to spells otherwise deny them the spells, simple isn't it?

Some of you, actually I think it was one of you, wondered what they would receive regency from. Personally I wouldn't give them regency for any holding nor from provinces since they absolutely do not want to be involved in politics. They are champions of a cause and they are fanatically loyal to it so they have no time to play politics that is for the emperor (or until he comes, the Chamberlain).

One of you also asked what the Imperial Guards was and I am sorry to have used the wrong word it should instead have said the Imperial Legion (as the war card).

Someone mentioned that he thought that they should be NG. I made them any Lawful because I wanted them to be "perfect" soldiers that will obey any orders if they are given by the Emperor (or, again, maybe the Chamberlain).

They were given no leader since they are all equal and only take orders from the Emperor. They might have different titles, such as Knight Commander, Knight Prefect, etc., but in the end they all have an equal say in decisions that affect the entire order. They do have an "unofficial" leader and that will always be the Knight that has served the longest time in the order and that Knight will try to stay as close to the Chamberlain as possible to serve as some sort of communications channel between the order and the Chamberlain.

Now we come to the "big" question, their refusal to kill any person of Anuirean decent. I wrote this mainly because of three things:
a) The person who rules the Anuirean empire should be of Anuirean decent. How would it look if a Vos came to be the Emperor of Anuire??
b) since their ability to cast spells is only slightly less then a priest but better then a paladin and their ability to fight as good as a fighter they needed some sort of disadvantage so that they didn't become to powerful (it is nearly the same disadvantage as the Pious knight who is forbidden to kill), and
c) since anyone can get a bloodline through bloodline investiture even unblooded individuals can become blooded and therefor become regents and if I am not totally mistaken the next emperor must have a True Andurias bloodline and as far as I know the only one "available" is Roeles and it is grounded outside the Gorgons castle so an unblooded person have the same chance as a blooded person to get that bloodline ergo any person of Anuirean decent can become the next Emperor.

Well that is all for now, I hope this helps to explain some things. Keep those comments coming.

Fredrik Lundberg