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03-30-1998, 09:39 PM
Why should this be a secret order? If anything, these folks should be help
up by the Chamberlain as the ideal Anuirean knight and should have extremely
high social standing. Perhaps the leaders of the order and various rites,
including initiation and candidate selection, would be a secret, but the
existence of the order itself and its members would be widely known among
the nobility.

As an example of such an order, I recommend that you read Bernard Cornwall's
_Winter King_ and _Enemy of God_ historical fictions, both of which are
based on the King Arther legends. In addition to making an excellent read
(I'm anxiously awaiting the third book in the series), they contain an order
of elite warriors (Mithraists) who meet in secret and who have secret
ceremonies, but all the nobles know which knights are members and which

I also think that perhaps this Anuirean order should take a page from this
group in Cornwall's books and only accept members to which no existing
member objects. One opposing vote is enough to keep you out for life, but
the order doesn't exclude for political or personal reasons either; only
those who have proven themselves in battle can be initiated, and there are
several examples in the books of political enemies who are both members. In
the book, Lancelot is excluded not because of several members personal
dislike of him, but because he has never fought in battle and is something
of a liar and a coward (this isn't your run of the mill Arthurian novel :-).

Thus, if Avanil were a member and Boeruine were nominated, Avanil might vote
against Boeruine because he hasn't shown prowess on the field of battle, but
not because Boeruine also vies for control of the Iron Throne. I.e., only
prowess as a warrior matters. Perhaps the order could simply exclude regents
to prevent politics from coming into play...


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> An excellent concept. IMO It does require a few adjustments however.
> Priestly magic: No way. Leave it to Priests & Paladins
> Anuirean decent: while they shouldn't go around killing "willy nilly",
> they
> must be able to *defend* themselves against all comers. At the very least
> I
> agree with previous responses concerning not killing "blooded" Anuireans.
> Lastly, this is a semi-secret order. Who knows about them? What level of
> the Gentry is aware of them? The Chamberlain and who else? Previous posts
> are indicating they should have a high social standing. I disagree. If
> this
> is a secret order only a *select few* should know about KotIT. Now there
> is
> a punishable offence, revealing that the order exists without permission
> (2/3 vote)