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03-30-1998, 04:14 AM
> I checked out _The Iron Throne_, the only thing it has to say is that he
>was chopped in half by the Gorgon, then Aeden Dosiere was whisked away by
>the elves and couldn't really say what happened. It did say that, with the
>elves' help, the Anuirean troops were pushing back the Gorgon's, so I'd say
>they could have recovered the body, once it was identified (which ought to
>be pretty easy). I don't recall any references to a tomb in any books
>though. So, looks like we get to make it up!
>Daniel McSorley

Great news indeed. That means that this small idea (Knights of the Iron
Throne) has spawned another idea (the tomb of Michael Roele). Well, if
anyone wishes to write something up about this, it will definitely get
included in the Online City Project. Just send it along to whomever is in
charge of this (I'd call this a historical site, so send your ideas on the
tomb to Mark VanderMeulen - vander+@pitt.edu).

I'd just like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that all of the
steering committee (myself included) are taking *any* ideas you have. Send
your ideas/concepts to whomever seems to be in charge of the area most
relevant to your idea. If you can't decide, or it crosses several areas,
then you can send it to me and I will allocate it to a group and let you
know where to go next. Include a relatively small description of your idea,
enough to allow the concept to take a bit of shape, and see where it may
fit into the whole city. Please don't think that your ideas may be
dismissed in any way. There is plenty of room in the city for everything we
can think of.

Looking forward to all your ideas :-),


Simon Graindorge
Coordinator, Birthright Online City Project