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John Ewan
03-30-1998, 04:01 AM
At 05:31 3/29/98 +0200, you wrote:
>"Knights of the IronThrone.
> To redeem themselves they have taken it upon themselves to find the
new emperor. They are a semi-secret order who's members often comes from
the Imperial guards, and they are very particular about who gets to join.
Only those people who are considered worthy are accepted. To become a
member one must first be sponsored by an already existing member then the
pledge is given the sacred quest of finding one person worthy of becoming
the next emperor

Could they end up thinking one of their own order is the best person?

>and they must also atone (as a paladin would when he has committed a sin)
for each person of >Anuirean decent that they have killed.

It is not bad to have to atone, as in the spell, but the only atonement
being death mentioned below is a bit more than needed, i think.
> The order don't have a "leader" instead all members are given "one vote"

It is based on a military order, it would have ranks and a chain of
command, IMO. There could be open discussion amongst themselves, anyone
can propose someone but the final decision would be up to the head of the
order or according to regulations they have set up for themselves. As
proposed, it is very democratic but chaotic in form; *I* don't think they
would develop that way. I would suggest that this may be a new 'regent'
post, that is part of the Imperial order, not the landed order as it is
now. Now, from what would they gain regency? Hmmm, gotta ponder that one
and I want this to go to the list before the millenium.

>and the decisions are then taken by a vote and the ones that have 2/3
majority are passed. This >will not always be so. It is stated that the one
that "found" the person that becomes chosen by the Chamberlain as the new
emperor will become the head of the order, this gives the members an
incentive to chose only worthy candidates when they are on their initiation

This could still be done, immediate promotion and all that or if not the
head of the order, the Champion of the Emperor with some special ability or
rights being granted to that person.
> The reason for the atonement is they no knight of the order may take
the life of a person of Anuirean decent. This is because they consider
every Anuirean as a potential new emperor.

I think the noble houses, especially Avan and Bouruine, would have some
real problems with this attitude. It would also change the way a
Knight would be received in *those* houses.

>If they take the life of a person of Anuirean decent after they have been
initiated into the >order they will immediately be made to leave the order
and the only way that one may leave the order is by death.

This seems problematic also. If Avan brings his anuirean army up to the
walls of the Imperial City, the guard will stand by and not fight them.
Granted, they can interfere in non-violent ways, but a semi-pacifistic
order of knights?

>This has it's rote in the battle when the last emperor died and every
member of the order took >an oath, which they still take to this day, that
says that the only thing that can relieve a knight of the iron throne from
his duties is death.

This is way cool, I think the rule they live by needs more work.

>This also makes the knights fanatics they will never ever rout of fallback
because that would >be to fail in their duties and since the only thing
that can relieve them of their duties is death they see it as they have to
die before they can be allowed rout.

On a battle card I would suggest that this unit is Destroyed on a Rout or
Fallback result, but it does an extra point of damage to its foe as it is
wiped out. It would be possible then to have them destroy the unit that is
destroying them. Otherwise it makes it a less than optimal group to have
in a battle. Oh, another thing, could the unit be used to defend the
Imperial City from an army of elves from Tuarheival being led by a
half-elf/Anuirean? Would that blooded leader be considered by them to be
worthy of consideration of the post of Emperor? Would they defend the city
or open the gates?

Since their is
>no emperor at the moment but they still see themselves as servants of the
empire they will only take orders from the Chamberlain or another high
official of the empire.
> It is not known why, since they are all fighters not priests, but
since after the battle every member of the order have been able to cast
clerical spells

I don't like the idea that they cast spells.

> To compensate for this they must be of an Lawful alignment

I see the order tending towards Neutral Good, myself. They choose their
own, they go, pretty much their own way, unless directly ordered by

and, as mentioned above, they may >never take the life of a person of
Anuirean decent, and finally they must always follow the orders of the
highest ranking imperial official.

Hmm, at some point this could becme contradictory; what has precedent?

The requirement is also strict: Strength 13, Constitution 9, and Wisdom
15. Their prime requisites are Strength and Wisdom, and a Knight of the
IronThrone who has scores of 16 or more in each receives a bonus of 10
percent to the experience points he earns. Only Anuireans may become
Knights of the Iron Throne. It should also be noted that it is very hard to
become a member (it!
> u!
>sually takes some sort of heroic action to get a member to support ones
"application" (i.e. the person have earned a few levels as a fighter)

Second level would be fine, at the most. One of the things I really like
about BR is that level has nothing to do with the heroic capability of an
individual. The RoE lists a 3rd level thief, in Cariele, as the most
dangerous man in Anuire, due to his network of assassins and his
willingness to use it.

>and if one isn't a member of the imperial guard it is almost impossible."
> So what do you all say. Did I come up with a totally ridiculous idea
or is it something that can be of some use?

This is cool, hope my ideas meet with your approval.

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