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John Ewan
03-30-1998, 02:57 AM
At 01:45 3/29/98 EST, you wrote:
>I see there are many reasons NOT to use this in any sort of way. But the main
>reason, I created them (and asked a lot of the other questions recently) was
>to have an unusual hero to be part of a group I was going to use in a story
>(or set of) about some scions from BR ending up on another plane, to fight
>some rather nasty villans (also BR) who have begun to set up shop.

Hmmm, so would the blood abilities work, or is that why the villians were
there? Being unblooded, they wanted to have an easier way to go on this
new place. This would hinder the blooded folk, losing abilities like that.

Now, I was
>going to have them taken from different times in Cerilia's history, and have
>them appear in the middle of a large, cosmopolitan city.

How about an elf or two from different time periods. One from before the
time of humans reaching Cerilia. this elf would be reasonably friendly to
the other party members, as they would have no reason not to be, also, only
ordinary Cerilean elf ability. the other could be from the time just after
Diesmaar. Lots of emotional baggage there, possibly strong blood ability,
if it works.

A dwarf from that dwarven realm that closed it's doors. This would be a
young, for a dwarf, person who never went above ground and only knows that
they were surrounded underground by orogs. Only problem is, the dwarf may
convince the others to help find the way home... you would need to decide
if you wanted to run *that* adventure.

A Cerilean goblin would be rather different, what with blood abilities and

A Cerilean hafling, with its abilities would be incredible; you need to
decide whether the Shadow World is accessible from the place you send them.
If not, this would be rather frightening to the halfling, not having that
escape route.

But, if you sould suggest another of the humanoid races,
>I would be very interested...

There ya go, ordinary seeming, but still different for the proposed storyline.
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