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03-28-1998, 10:11 AM
Hello, everyone. I would just like to put my two cents worth in from a
player's perspective:

Minotaurs as PC's - The CB of Humanoids has them, but they shouldn't be PCs.
Since there's apparently "The Minotaur" and he's an abomination, it wouldn't
be a good thing for someone to be mistaken for him, or of his kind. Now Krynn
could have allowed it because the minotaurs had their own special culture
unique to Krynn and Krynn alone. But this is Birthright, let's stick to
knights in shining armor fighting villains, swashbucklers winning over the
"experienced" women, and regents figuring out how to stay alive and unite
Anuire at the same time.

Spelljamming - NO. It ruins the flavor, the genre of Birthright, and to keep
them out, the DM only has to say "No." It's just that simple.

The Gorgon - Okay, if someone tries to kill the Gorgon, there should be one
heck of a quest that the party goes on beforehand to make sure they know what
will kill him. And make sure you do it when he's on a rampage OUTSIDE of his
territory. Also, I personally subscribe to the theory that Prince Raseane
*could* have ascended to godlihood, except for the fact that his hate was so
strong that he wanted to stay to release his rage. Nothing to do with not
enough bloodpoints. He had his chance and he said no. Also, the Gorgon is
the Gorgon because he has a "heart of stone," right? I would think this would
NOT have allowed him to have some sort of harem to commit bloodtheft on his
children. Other than the fact that it doesn't appear to be something he would
be capable of doing (after reading THE IRON THRONE, I don't think he can
polymorph to human), it's just WRONG to put that in gaming. Even if another
abomination has done that by their background, I would hope the DMs would come
up with something else.

That's all for now. Please, remember that this is my perspective as a

Take care all,

"So what you're saying, Sir Blaede, is that you, as a paladin of Haelyn,
have the blood ability of RESISTANCE to charm and enchantments, but it's your
twin sister Storm, priestess of Avani, who has BATTLEWISE?"
"That's the way the blood drops trickled, Your Highness. On the bright
side, I do know about the law."