View Full Version : OCP - MISC design group project

Mark A Vandermeulen
03-27-1998, 11:31 PM
Hello all,

This is just a little note to invite the readers of the Birthright mailing
list to get involved in the Online City Project. I have just put the
Conspectus for the first Design Project to be undertaken by the
Miscellaneous Group up on the web site. I invite all who are interested in
contributing to read through the material and respond to it. We should
probably use the OCP message board available on the main page to keep all
of our comments in one place and avoid occupying more bandwidth on this
list. Please use the "MISC -" prefix in the subject line when responding
so we can easily see which comments refer to which group. I have included
the address for the OCP main page below. I hope this stimulates some
interesting and creative discussion.

OCP main page: http://darkstar.cyberserv.com/netbook/city/index.html

Mark VanderMeulen, MISC design group steering committee member