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Bryan Palmer
03-26-1998, 11:07 PM
In preparation for an up-coming gaming session (hallelujah, it's been 6
months since we last met!), my guilder PC decided that he wanted to put
together a personal protection squad (he's ticked-off some very powerful
NPCs and is now quite paranoid) which would be composed of some pretty
powerful and specialized individuals (no one any higher than third level
since high level characters are quite rare and extremely expensive in my

My question to you folks is if anyone has developed some type of payment
table for those NPCs that are of the lieutenant/henchmen quality for
Birthright regents? So far I've generally stuck to the suggestions
listed in the PHB and DMG but I feel this type of NPC would be on a much
higher pay scale.

I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have.

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