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03-26-1998, 09:34 PM
Okay, here's a whammy that I just reread a couple of nights ago and would
like to know what everyone thinks about this. It's not campaign specific, but
it has the potential to add to both the heroes and the villains and those that
fall in-between.

On page 16 of the Player's Handbook (2nd Ed), in reference to
Intelligence, under the catagory "Number of Languages," (from pg. 15) on the
right hand side in the blue box it states:

If the DM allows characters to have proficiencies, this column also indicates
the number of extra proficiency slots the character gains due to his
Intelligence. These extra proficiency slots can be used however the player
desires. The character never needs to spend any proficiency slots to speak
his native language.

The way I reread this, is that if a character has a 16 Intelligence, he
or she is normally allowed to learn 5 additional languages, AND has 5
proficincy slots open to learn more languages, or weapon styles or non-weapon
proficiencies. I've never seen this done in a game I've been in, nor have I
myself done it in a game I've run, but I didn't look at it closely enough. I
would like for y'all (yes, I'm in TEXAS :-) to reread that closely, stressing
the words/ phrases that stood out to me "...column ALSO indicates..." along
with "...EXTRA proficiency slots..." (that's in there twice) and "...CHARACTER
gains due to his Intelligence."

I don't want this to be something that could ruin your fun in your
campaign by players going wild, but you could say "Okay, everyone gets those
slots allotted to them; however, X amount of points must be spent on [this]."
What do y'all [you all] think?

Take care,