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03-26-1998, 07:41 AM
Hello all,

This is my second post and just want to let you see Birthright questions from
a player's view.

TOPIC 1: Does anyone make a list of the Awnsheglin (sp?) that players should
know about? I know of the Gorgon, Rhoubhe, Spider, Sphinx, Chimeron, Boar,
Minotaur, Hag, Stag (maybe illsheglin?), Kraken/Leviathan (don't know if these
are the same or seperate) Serpent and the Cold Rider (I think I know who he
*really* is, and it concerns me), but there seems to be many more. Now, some
of these I know just because I read the Birthright novels, I'm not sure if my
character knows of them all. Do you let your players know of them?

TOPIC 2: Does anyone make a list of important people in Anuire, what their
class, level & alignment are (or what they're *supposed* to be : )? My DM did
this and it helps a lot. He also has given us nobles their titles so we won't
show disrespect to them.

TOPIC 3: Bloodtheft. I think it's safe to deduce that being blooded doesn't
literally mean you have their blood, but the magic spirit that is inherited.
Sorta like genes, though it can be given to someone to whom you're not
related. I think the term "bloodtheft" really shouldn't be considered
stealing or an evil act if done in combat. I think it was just a term
invented "long ago" and has remained since. If Mr. Nice Guy and Dr. Evil
(both of which are blooded) are fighting each other to the death and Mr. Nice
Guy (MNG) kills Dr. Evil (DE) and gets blood points, no big deal. But if MNG
decides to stab DE in the heart as a final blow, I don't think that should be
considered an evil act IF the player truly believes his foe is about beaten.
After all, how many DMs say "okay, the villain has X amount of hit points
left, you can make the called shot now?" The PC has to guess. Now, if he
tries a called shot every round or every other round from the get-go, he's
walking on the path of wrongness/ darkness. If the DM describes the character
as "bleeding badly," "struggling," "near death," ect, then the PC has a clue,
but when do you guesstimate what could be the final shot? If DE is
unconsious, but alive and MNG stabs him in the heart, that's *probably* not a
good thing, but if it was a fair fight, this *might* be overlooked, if it's
not common practice. What about if it's two against one? What happens if
MNG#1 overpowers DE and hold's DE's arms behind his back so MNG #2 can take
the shot to the heart? Is this justifiable homicide? (If it's two DEs vs one
MNG, the DEs just don't care.) When I was first brought up on the story
behind Birthright and was told about the blooded, my first thoughts/
impressions were of the immortals in HIGHLANDER. The good guys know "there
can be only one" but they don't fight with each other because there are evils
like the Kargan still alive and slicing. I think of Birthright as the same,
just that there doesn't have to be only one. In the movie HIGHLANDER, pretty
much everyone (save the Kargan) knew when they were defeated and almost
"allowed" the Kargan to sever their head. Since no one in Birthright would do
this, maybe the DMs could notify the blooded that their enemies were "10 hit
points or less." It could be a universal free blooded "ability" - or just
something BLOODED know. Also, the players would have to say "DM, I'm now at
10 hit points or less." That way, everyone blooded can have the chance to
make the called shot to the heart without being evil, and that way we get a
special shot at drama and special effects and bringing up our blood points as

TOPIC 4: Killing someone with the blood of Azrai. As a player, I don't think
there should be a penalty for killing one with the blood of Azrai. If they
happen to be an awnsheghlin (sp) then perhaps there MAY be a side effect.
Something like the DM rolls 1d6 for every bloodpoint GAINED and the victor
gets to roll 1d8 or 1d10 for every 5 bloodpoints he/she HAS PRIOR to the
killing. That way if MNG with a 30 point bloodline kills the awnshehglin (sp)
DE with 35-point bloodline, he normally gets 2 points for killing a superior
blooded person, and there should be no risk of changing sides. Now, if MNG is
"fortunate" enough to stab DE in the heart for the final blow, and receives 1
point for every 5, then MNG receives 7 points and the DM rolls 7d6 and may
average between 21-23 for DE, while MNG rolls 6d8 and may average between
24-27, or 6d10 averaging between 30-33 with no fear. However, if MNG kills
(stab in the heart) a DE that has say 70 points of blood, the DM may roll 14d6
for an average of 42-49 in which case MNG may switch to the blood of Azrai,
but shouldn't make him become evil, only if he commits evil acts. I also
think a TIE should go to the victor. This same system might be used if
Bloodline "A" kills a person of Bloodline "B" when "B" had the greater
bloodline. I think I've read some posts where people thought that if you
committed bloodtheft off of a superior bloodline, yours should change. I
personally don't subscribe to this (unless it states it in the rules) because
how do you explain well-known family's bloodline always staying the same (i.e.
Prince Avan or Arch-Duke Mhoreid, the evil Mr. Ghore)? If they're bloodline
has changed, I -as a player- am unaware.

REMINDER: I'm a player and I don't have the Blood Enemies book nor the Boxed
Set, so if a rule clearly states that I'm off my rocker, be gentle with me.
:-) My main point is to give you thoughts from the players' perspective.
Y'all do have to keep us in mind, as well as all you're NPCs! ( :-D)

Take care all,
"Somewhat naive, total virgin, paladin of Haelyn. Now there's a strong faith
and pure-of-heart body to make even the dirtiest hand-of-evil quiver!"