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James Ruhland
03-24-1998, 11:23 PM
I think I saw this covered in the rules, but I'm not sure. If I remember
correctly (and this is how I've always run it): if you Invest a Bloodline
that's higher than your own, that becomes your new BL (I.E. in your 1st
example, Scion A would become Anduiras, major, 30.) If you Invest a lower
BL, your Derivation et al stays the same, and you get +1 BL point (only).
So, in your 2nd example, Scion C would become Anduiras, major, 26. They are
*certainly* not added together.
> In the mean time, what do you think of these situations:
> * Scion A, Basaia minor 20, is invested by scion B, Anduiras major 30.
> What happens to scion A's bloodline? Is it: Basaia, minor, 22? Basaia,
> minor, 30? Basaia, major, 30? Anduiras, major, 30? Anduiras, minor, 40?
> Anduiras, major, 40? Basais, major, 50? Anduiras, major, 50?
> * Scion C, Anduiras, major, 25, is invested by Scion D, Anduiras,
> minor, 15? Is scion C's bloodline now: Anduiras, major, 26? Anduiras,
> 33? Anduiras, major, 40?
> Maybe I missed something in the rules, but I don't recall anything
> specifically relating to these examples. It has to be possible, because
> regents often invest their heirs just before the regent dies so as not to
> weaken the bloodline. If A were a commoner, he (or she) would simply get
> Anduiras, major, 30; D as a commoner would get Anduiras, minor, 15.
> In short, the two questions raised by the examples given above are:
> * Can investiture alter the derivation of the recipient's bloodline?
> The strength?
> * In investitures between two blooded participants, how are the new
> bloodline strength and score determined?
> While I'm interested in hearing everyone's opinion, I'm particulary
> interested in Ed Stark's take on this question.
> Jonathan
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