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03-24-1998, 05:31 AM
On Monday, March 23, 1998 7:07 AM, rad smith [SMTP:rupert.smith@ic.ac.uk]
> On Sun, 22 Mar 1998, Silveras wrote:
> > strength. Children receive a score of the average of the parents'
> > scores, with the strength and derivation of the stronger parent.
> don't forget that barring bloodtheft the bloodstrength of the regent
> passes to his/her heir. considering how rare bloodtheft is, there is no
> reason why a true bloodline should peter out over time. quite the
> in fact.
Actually, that was the point I was making - that the children inherit
the strength category even with the reduced score.

> additionally, in response to some of the other posts, if michael roele
> had a kid i don't see why the kid shouldn't have a true bloodline as

The bloodline, using the rules as described in the rulebook, would
have remained true until the score was reduced so low that the next
marriage into the royal family would have changed the derivation (which is
inherited from the higher score). If the line had changed from Anduiras to
Brenna, for example, it would hardly be a True line of Brenna at that
point. So long as the Roele family's score had remained sufficiently high,
however, all descendants would still possess a True line of Anduiras.

> > The more blood abilities a character possesses, the "stronger" his or
> > bloodline is going to be recognized to be.
> this doesn't gell historically. in medieval europe people were regarded
> "Well bred" depending on their ancestry; irespective of how venal, fat,
> stupid or chinless they happened to be.
> similarly, i think bloodline 'type' (great, minor, whatever) is purely a
> matter of ancestry, and has little to do with current circumstances.

Well, I think the point you're making is the difference between
commoner and noble, and I am speaking of the grades of prominence among the
nobility. Many families were seen to have become more vulgar, or to have
declined in honor and respect, over time; others rose in the same way. This
seems to me to a very fitting analogy.

> > True bloodlines are recognized as having come directly from a Champion
> > of one of the old gods at Deismaar.
> so presumably there is one true bloodline for each champion, yes?
> (azrai being the exception in this as with so many other things: the
> blood of azrai is almost contagious... hey, that gives me an idea.. hmmm)

Yes... I believe there is an assumption that there is at least one
True bloodline for each of the old gods. However, most of these became the
'new' gods. Still, the Cities of the Sun describes (if I recall correctly)
the True bloodline of Basaia, for example.

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