View Full Version : Lieutenants (hopefully the last

Petras Astrauskas
03-22-1998, 04:02 PM
> "Once per domain turn, the regent may assign a
> lieutenant to a domain action. The lieutenant may not be used for any
> other purpose that round, such as responding to a random event or going
> on an adventure. The lieutenant performs the action for the regent; in
> effect, the regent gains an additional action that round. Regardless of
> the number of lieutenants, he can exercise this option only once per
> domain turn."
> I feel this is where we need to have some clarity from the game
> designers. The question is whether a lieutenant is able to do either -
> 1) one domain action in a month's time and then two other character
> actions in the following two months of the domain turn,....

As far as I understand English, this means exactly what you've told