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James Ruhland
03-19-1998, 08:44 PM
> After reading the many responses to my question regarding the use of
> lieutenants I think it only fair to discuss the reason for my inquiry.
Decided to put my chunk up here. Anyhow, I think B.Palmer described both
the problems & potential benifits very well. IMO, like anything else, Lts &
Vassals can be abused (especially Vassals, see below). I as a player I
always feel the need for more Lts, not just for the Character Actions (and
the extra Domain/Realm action; but you only get *one* of these regardless
of the # of Lts you have, so IMO this is less of a problem. And that
restriction; 1 Domain/Realm Lt action, period, should definately stay in
place. The Q. is regarding the Character actions these blighters can
IMO, there really isn't a need to restrict the activities of Lts as you
said you did (I.E. no Domain/Realm actions for unblooded Lts), for the very
reason that your Players can recruit to their hearts content, they'll never
get more than one Lt action. Period.
Now, Vassals on the other hand. . .och; If the PC has a good Charisma, and
is, say, related to their Vassal, then as long as they don't abuse them,
loyalty might be (almost) guaranteed (especially if the Vassal is Lawful
and/or good). Not everyone rebels. So, what do you do then?
Anyhow, like you, I'd love to see some of this confusion (?) cleared up,
if possible.

> When I started my Birthright campaign, approximately two years ago, one
> of the first concerns to emerge was the misuse of vassals/lieutenants by
> the PC regents. Most of my player characters (5 in all) are what I
> would characterize as "math wizards." They have a tendency to over
> quantify or numerically manipulate every character or situation so as to
> minimize all danger and maximize every characteristic to their favor
> (Yeah the old problem of "min and maxing"). I saw the Birthright
> setting as a means to control this zealousness by placing each PC in
> political and economic situations requiring a great deal more personal
> creativity.of the message.