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Adam Theo
03-19-1998, 01:51 PM
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hello, Adam Theo here,
i saw that there was a bit of discussion going on about people wanting
to start their own br pbems, and others here on the list advising them
not to unless they are sure they will have the time to keep doing it and
spend 3 hours a day on it.
i strongly agree about all of that. but for all of those people wanting
to be DMs for a pbem br campaign, and not sure they can handle the
time-crunch, i have a solution. I am a co-ordinator of the Destiny of
Regents PBeM, the other DMs of this project and I are looking for more
DMs and co-DMs. if you are interested in assisting a current DM of the
DoR, then contact me, adamtheo@usa.net, and tell me what region of
Cerilia you would like to co-DM, and i'll get back to you on who to talk
to. this way, you can have all of the benefits of Dming, without the
huge time-crunch, since others will be helping you.

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