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Fredrik Lundberg
03-18-1998, 06:47 PM
> Ok, so this is gonna seem like a "duh" question, prolly (which is why I've
>waited to ask it). Regarding Lt actions I've always been under the belief
>that you get one Lt action, period (I.E. no matter how many Lt.s you have).
> I still think that's true but I read some stuff, somewhere (gotta find the
>source & page #s...) that seem to imply that you can have your Louies
>perform the usual # of "character" actions (I.E. Reasurch, Adventure, Ply
>Trade; not "Lieutanant" though; it would be kinda strange if your louies
>started getting louies of their own...), but are still limited to one Lt
>Domain/Realm action.
> So, which is the case? On the one hand, it's kinda strange having them
>loaf around doing squat most of the time (especially if you have several
>louies; means that some years one or two may just do NOTHING). But on the
>other hand. . .Hmmmn.
> Any thoughts? Anyone? Anyone? What-do Economics?

As far as I know you only get one Lt. Action, but as this primarily is a role-playing game you should possibly be able to have your lieutenants do more actions. That is IF you have a good reason AND if the DM approves it. An example would be the "trainee" wizard who has been told by his master to research a new spell, it sounds only fair to let the lieutenant do the research the whole turn, not only one month of it.

As for what the lieutenants do when they don't do the Lt. Action, well they have a life of their own don't they.

Well that's my 2 gp (hey, am not a rich man, so I can not spare 2 GB),
Fredrik Lundberg