View Full Version : Appropriate levels of Reward.

James Ruhland
03-17-1998, 10:57 PM
And I agree with Jonathan. IMO, especially if they/I'm playing in a
published module, the general tendancy for players is to conduct such a
thourhough search for loot it would make the most shameless Viking raiders
look like amatures. I, for example, always loved Intelligent swords with
the "Detect Secret Doors" ability, and whenever possible would carry one
even if I didn't use it as a weapon.
As a DM every item I put in an adventure is an item I fully expect the
players will find. In past campaigns players have developed "SOPs" for
searches, modifying for specific circumstances as needed, but it always
gave them a detailed "check list" which (almost. . .he he he) guaranteed
they'd find most items.
I.E.: if you don't want your players to have the Wand of Orcus, then it
shouldn't be in there in the 1st place. Don't hope you'll get lucky &
they'll miss it.
> I agree with James Ruhland's statements that I've quoted below. I was
> baffled by official products that included a magical item in every room.
> think the author's assumed that the players would miss most of the
> items and consequently put a lot of magical items in to compensate, but
> of the school that if the players miss something it's their own fault.
> if they don't search, they don't find; I don't just give things away
> ok, I just give them monsters).
> Jonathan