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03-16-1998, 07:27 PM
Here's a race that might be suitable for PC's:

Minotaurs: STR: 12/18 DEX: 3/16 CON: 12/18 INT: 3/14 WIS: 3/16 CHR: 3/13

Minotaur: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma

Minotaurs: Fighter: 12 Ranger: 6 Priest:10 Mage: 8 Thief: 5

Minotaurs may be multi-classed Fighter/Priests, Fighter/Mages, Priest/Mages or

Minotaurs have the following bonuses/penalties to thieving abilities: PP:
- -10%, OL: -5%, F/RT: -5%, MS: -5%, HS: -10%, DN: +5%, CW: +5%, RL: -15%

Minotaurs are a violent race of humanoids, who tend to live solitary
lives. They are most prevalent in the province of Chur in the Blood Skull
Barony, where they are guards for the wizard Darkon. Most minotaurs are the
results of various curses, which have left them in their warped forms.
However, around the year 1450 HC, an unknown mage, having been helped by a
particularly unusual minotaur, created a mate for him. Since that time,
minotaurs have been breeding true. Even now, some of their descendents rebel
against their evil nature to assist others.
Minotaurs stand between 7 and 8 feet tall, and weigh around 250 pounds.
They have heads of bulls and hooved feet, on human torsos. Their skin can be
red, white, or black. Their hair ranges from dull red to black, and is
sometimes mottled. Minotaurs are very broadly built and have great upper body
Minotaurs' thick hides give them a natural AC of 7. They may attack by
charging, inflicting 6d4 points of damage. They also have 60 foot infravision.
They are easily enraged by anyone calling them a "cow", as that is the
greatest insult one can put upon them. They are immune to maze spells, and
have a +3 to morale.