View Full Version : Haelyn`s Faithful

Daniel McSorley
03-16-1998, 12:10 AM
I, Daniel McSorley, being of somewhat sound mind, and having carefully
considered what experienced individuals have told me*, do hereby announce my
new PBeM game, Haelyn's Faithful.
URL: http://s-102-67.resnet.ohio-state.edu/pbem/pbem.html
If you would like to play, I hope it will be a good time, please follow
the instructions there. If you post anything to the list, you're going to
get us all in trouble, so don't do it, I won't answer.
If for some reason you can't access the webpage, please email me and
I'll give you the info. Thanks for your time.

Daniel McSorley

* Ranging from "DON'T DO IT" to actual useful advice :), thanks Tripp,
Darkstar, and everyone else.