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03-15-1998, 08:23 PM
According to the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Companion-level rules, a
land-owning magic-user is called a "Magist" (MAY-jist), and a wandering
magic-user is known as a "Magus" (MAY-jus).
Most Wizard regents in the BIRTHRIGHT rules that I know of do just sell
their services and realm spells, or use the Alchemy realm spell. Mine,
however, (being the greedy sod that she is) has recently been looking in
to her own guild holdings and trade routes.

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Neil Barnes
03-16-1998, 03:13 PM
On Sat, 14 Mar 1998, ANOLESEN wrote:
> He turned out
> to be the only land owner (the others are a guilder and a mage). So our mage
> got his first realm spell, Alkemy (i can't spell for my life), and went trough
> the first domain turn just getting some regency points. How do most non-land
> owning mage regents (isn't there a name for non-land owning regents?) get
> money? My guess is that they sell their services or are close to one regent
> who does make gold.

Landowning regents get money from taxes. Law regents can ponce money off
other regents. Temple holders get a steady flow of some money. Guild
regents have more money than Haelyn.. And Wizards are completely broke.
They can either make money through Alchemy, or through use of Coffer
Credit. Otherwise they're screwed.


03-19-1998, 01:34 AM
To the list,

He wrote:
>So I am going to try to get them to be a little closer, almost one realm
>thing, and see how that works. The gold maker(and also the one who gets more
>RP) could give the mage RP and gold in exchange for the mage being his ally
>and casting spells for him (within reason, of course). Almost an equal
>vassalage thing. What do you think? Any other ideas?

This is exactly how regent mages aquire money. Also, in addition, he may rent
out the use of his sources to other wizards. Just think, the cost of
reserching a spell, then compare that to letting someone use your source. $$$.
Also bu alling his services to another regent, the regent is usually more than
happy pay for any expenses a mage may have. Remember, True magic is rare, and
realm magic is even harder to find. It is a comoditiy that a good player can
use wisely.


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