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James Ruhland
03-14-1998, 01:05 AM
> Good quotes ARE always useful (great for making your players groan with a
> crafted set up). My personal favorite quote is not from a movie (Clint
> have some good ones, see all of his westerns if you have the chance) but
> a book.
> "I am the soul of honor, goodness, and compassion, trust me in all
He he; that's a good one. I think I vaguely recall that one; dk from what
book, or even if I read it in a book or just heard/read it quoted
somewhere. 8-)

> As for my wish, I'll take an explanition of Lineage/Rhavas......so I can
> plan for next time!
Lineage is an Online MUD, kind of like UO and Diablo, made and mostly
populated by Koreans. It's in Beta right now, which means you can (and I
do) play for free. Watch out for PKs. Rhavas is my current main Lineage
character. There are Wands of Wishing in the game (don't bother with most
of the wands you find scattered around; they're used up. You get Wish Wands
from Elders and dupers [though duping may be a myth.]) You can find out
more about Lineage, and DL the game, at: