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James Ruhland
03-13-1998, 07:19 PM
he he; we're like, totally off topic here (to moddie; last time! I swear. .
.ok, last time on this particular subject, anyhow.) Well, except for the
part about the guns, it could be considered Birthright related, kinda. .
.if I wanted to streach, twist, and bend everything. c'mon; having good
quotes at your disposal is invaluable!

Bryan Ruther wrote:
> James Ruhland wrote:
> As said byThe man with no name/Blondie to Tuco the Rat Ramirez
> > "there are two kinds of people in this world, thouse with guns, and
> > who dig."
> "You dig."
> >From the movie, The good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Thus I.D.ing not only the movie, but the characters, and providing the
punchline. Thus, he gets one Wish (either a Lineage Wish--if he can find
Rhavas in Lineage, which assumes he knows what Lineage is), or a BR mailing
list Wish that I can fullfill (well, within limits; like, ok, he can say "I
don't want to hear from you for a week", but he can't say "I don't want to
hear from you again ever," for example)