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03-13-1998, 11:16 AM
Just another of my crasy thoughts...

I was thinking of the province ruleing regents, the number of paladins they
have is class related. IMO opinion this is all wrong, the number of paladins
should be related to the power (based on the province levels) of the regent.

So here is an alternative way to determin how many paladins the regent will
have, start to do as usually and class thise paladins as extreme loyal to the
regent. The rest of the paladins can be less loyal and their number increases
with the total value of provinces (They are of the same type as the other
paladins rolled in table 4)

Province Extra Upkeep
Levels Paladins Cost

0- 5 1d6 -
6-10 2d6 -
11-15 2d6 1GB
16-20 2d8 1GB
21-30 2d8 2GB
31-40 3d8 2GB
41-60 3d10 3GB
61-80 3d12 4GB
81+ 4d20 5GB

The upkeep cost is a payment for a whole year, this should not be considered
as a sallary but as an revard. The paladins has always a high part of lothings
in wars, they have free food and living for them and their famileis in the
regents castles (part of the court expensives pays the living). It's among
thise a regent should choose their new vasals, as thise will hardly rebelion.

A fighter King could have upto 266 paladins protecting the Kings life all

If the regent don't pay the upkeep or don't care about a court, then the
loaylty will be quite low amongst thise extra paladins, while he/she has the
best court pssible and pays the upkeep, then the loaylty will be high.

If the regent is married, then upto 40% of thise extra paladins are more loyal
toward the regents wife/husband. And could form a loyal "Queens Guard" or
"Prince Guard".

//Trizt of Ward^RITE